Google Terminal


“Google Terminal – What Google would have looked like in the 1980s”
(c) 2012 mass:werk – media environments, N. Landsteiner, <>
A working service after a video by “If Google were invented in the 80s”.

Google™ is a registered trademark of Google Inc., Mountain View, CA 94043, USA.
The artistic layout is the intellectual property of

Neither this page nor the author of this page is in any affiliation with Google Inc. The page accesses search and news services by Google™ in order to provide realistic results in an artistic layout by The last item of any search results always provides a direct link to the corresponding Google™-search as provided by <>.
This service connects directly to without any intermediate service point or gateway. No search data is transmitted to or from this website.

Usage Notice:
•  Page back and forth in results using the cursor/arrow keys.
•  Return to the home screen and start a new search by hitting the "0"(zero) key .
•  Hit "ESC" to start a new search regardless of the application's current state.

Additional Features: URL Parameters & Special Queries:
q=query  ...  search term
u=username  ...  login as a specified user
kbd=1  ...  force to show a virtual keyboard
display=color  ...  set the display to color mode (default)
display=green  ...  set the display to monochrome green
display=amber  ...  set the display to monochrome amber
crt=1 or scanlines=1  ...  show scan lines
E.g., the following URL will give SpiderMan a search for "elgoog":
Link: /?u=SpiderMan&q=elgoog

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What is Google Terminal?

Google Terminal is a web-based app that recreates a retro terminal interface, complete with ASCII art, monospaced fonts, and a blinking cursor. It lets users enter commands to access Google services and perform searches in a novel, old-school manner.

The concept is taken from a video, which envisions Google's 1980s incarnation. While not an official Google Inc. product, Google Terminal is an homage created by N. Landsteiner.

The interface includes extra features like a virtual keyboard, color modes, scan lines, and special queries for a full retro experience.

How to use Google Terminal?

Visit to use Google Terminal and enter your search commands. You can use these commands for various searches:

  • web [query] - Search the web.
  • images [query] - Find images.
  • maps [query] - Look for maps and directions.
  • news [query] - Discover news articles.
  • video [query] - Search for videos.
  • help - See a list of commands and options.

Special queries unlock more Google Terminal features, like:

  • color - Switch between color and monochrome.
  • scanlines - Turn scan lines on or off.
  • keyboard - Enable or disable the virtual keyboard.
  • about - Learn about Google Terminal and its origins.
What are the potential benefits of using Google Terminal?

Google Terminal offers a whimsical and retro way to experience Google searches. It caters to users who prefer keyboard shortcuts and commands over mouse clicks. Moreover, it serves as an educational tool for those interested in terminal emulators and shell commands, providing a taste of their functionality and language.