Google Tilt, Google Askew

Curious to see the world from a slanted perspective? Give the Google Tilt/Askew trick a whirl and watch your search results lean and tilt. Join in on the amusement!



What is the Google Tilt Easter egg?

The Google Tilt Easter egg is a playful hidden feature that skews the search results page when you search for "tilt" or "askew". It's a quirky addition by Google to add a dash of fun for its users. While it doesn't impact the search results' functionality or accuracy, it might make them a bit more challenging to read. You can return to the standard view by refreshing the page or searching for a different term.

Google unveiled this Easter egg in 2011 as a lighthearted way to display the company's humor and to enhance the search experience.

You can engage with the Google Tilt Easter egg more interactively on this page(, allowing you to make the page spin and twirl freely.