Google Pac-Man Game

Experience the iconic arcade game of the '80s online. FAQ
Guide Pac-Man to eat all the dots while avoiding the ghosts. Use your cursor keys or your finger👆👉.


What is the Google Pac-Man game?

The Google Pac-Man game is a special rendition of the classic Pac-Man arcade game, created by Google as a Google Doodle in 2010 to commemorate the game's 30th anniversary.

This playable tribute is integrated into the Google search results page, showcasing the familiar Pac-Man navigating mazes, munching dots, and evading ghosts, with some fun Google-themed twists like logos that form part of the maze and power-ups to chomp on ghosts.

Launched with fanfare, the game remains a treasured instance of Google's interactive Doodles, designed to honor Pac-Man's enduring legacy and its broad appeal to both gamers and non-gamers.

How do you play the Google Pac-Man game?

Here's how to dive into the Google Pac-Man game:

  1. Direct Pac-Man through the maze using your keyboard's arrow keys.
  2. Gobble up all the dots in the maze while eluding the ghosts.
  3. Power-ups will pop up, enabling Pac-Man to temporarily consume ghosts.
  4. Play on until you're out of lives or conquer all the levels.