Floating Google

Experience the whimsy of zero-gravity with Floating Google. On this page, you can drag and drop items, watch them drift, bounce, or even collide in an anti-gravity environment. It's a delightful way to learn about physics, astronomy, and Google's innovations while having a blast.



What is Floating Google?

Floating Google is an amusing interactive feature created by web designer Mr. Doob in 2012. It's purely for entertainment and has no practical purpose. In 2014, Google discontinued its Web Search API, which resulted in the original version of Google Gravity by Mr. Doob losing its full functionality. However, at elgooG, we have emulated this API, allowing you to fully enjoy the search effects.

Upon visiting this page, you'll see Google's homepage elements defy gravity on your screen. Drag and drop items and watch them bounce around in a playful display of Google's creative side. Remember, you can also perform searches and enjoy the spectacular effects.

How do I play with Floating Google?

To engage with Floating Google, search for it on Google or go directly to the elgooG website to activate the feature. Alternatively, visit https://elgoog.im/floating/. Use your mouse to move page elements around and see what unfolds when you conduct a search.

Why does Floating Google exist?

Floating Google is a whimsical way to interact with the search engine in an unconventional manner. It's a fan-made homage to Google's array of Easter eggs and hidden features that sprinkle fun and surprise into our everyday searches.