elgooG the Google Mirror

Step into the topsy-turvy realm of elgooG, a creative reversed rendition of the Google homepage, also dubbed the Google mirror. Launched as an April Fool's jest in 2015, this Google twist promises a delightful departure from the norm.



Google Mirror Unveiled

Google Mirror, or elgooG, is a whimsical reverse of the Google search engine, rendering everything backwards.

This novelty twist on Google offers a backward browsing experience. Visit https://elgoog.im/google-mirror/ to step into this mirrored world. Search results, too, play along, presenting themselves in reverse for a quirky search session.

Google Mirror is a playful "Google hack," altering Google's presentation and interaction in imaginative ways.

Engaging with Google Mirror

Google Mirror invites you to explore backwards: type your searches in reverse, and the engine obliges with mirrored results.

Rediscover Google's Easter eggs here, from Underwater to Gravity, and more. Some of these digital treasures, no longer on Google, are revived by elgooG. Enjoy Dark Mode, and games like 2048 and Space Invaders, all with a Google-inspired twist.