Google Tetris Effect

Google Tetris is a fun and nostalgic tribute to the classic Tetris game, replacing the Google homepage with a giant Tetris screen with falling blocks.



What is Google Tetris?

Note: Google Tetris on this page is NOT a playable game. Tetris and Tetriminos are trademarks of Tetris Holding.

Google Tetris is a fun little game-inspired Easter egg that appears on the Google homepage. Sometimes games like Google Tetris are also called "Google Doodle Games".

When you open the page, a huge Tetris game screen fills the entire screen, and the interesting thing is that the Google logo is transformed to match the game. In this version, blocks of different shapes and colors fall continuously. As is well known, completing a line will eliminate it, but you don't have to be nervous, as in this page, you can view all the game effects unblocked, but you don't have permission to play it — We respect the intellectual property rights of the original author.

Tetris is a famous Russian block dropping and elimination game. Google Tetris is a tribute to the original classic game. The Google Tetris theme is a fun way to take a break while browsing the internet.