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Google in 1998

Travel back to 1998 with Google in 1998, revealing the early days when Google first launched. For your information, the domain was registered on September 15, 1997.

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What is the "Google in 1998" Easter egg?

If you're curious about Google's search engine appearance in 1998, the founding year, visit This website showcases a vintage Google homepage, featuring classic graphics and basic functions.

Submit a search query and view results as they appeared in 1998, utilizing an algorithm developed by Stanford students Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It's a delightful, nostalgic journey through Google's history and web design's evolution.

Why did Google create the "Google in 1998" Easter egg?

Google's "Google in 1998" Easter egg commemorates its 15th anniversary from 2013.

This Easter egg reflects Google's growth from its start in a Menlo Park garage, displaying features like Stanford Search, Linux Search, and Company Info available back in 1998.

How do I use the "Google in 1998" Easter egg?

Utilize the "Google in 1998" Easter egg to search the web as it was in that year.

Enter any query to see how results were displayed then. Browse links such as Help, About Google, and Monthly Google Updates on the homepage. Note that some links might not function or redirect to Google's current version.