Are you among the legions of Google fans? Prepare to meet the ultimate Google FAN, whose enthusiasm knows no bounds, as he unleash his passion when you click the "I'm Feeling Crazy" button.
Activate the Bat-Signal and witness the Dark Knight himself, Batman, soar across your screen, fighting crime and protecting Gotham City on this ominous, stormy night.
Bing™ Wallpaper Gallery - Provides a comprehensive collection of Bing's daily wallpaper images from various countries around the world.
Prepare to be charmed as Google's whimsical side is revealed through the Tilt/Askew trick! Discover the delightful surprise that unfolds as the interface leans and tilts in a captivating display.
Discover Bing Search Engine's unique mirrored counterpart, gniB, a rotated and reversed version that offers a fresh perspective on your search experience.
Indulge in a nostalgic journey with Google's Pac-Man game, a faithful recreation of the classic 1980s arcade hit, inviting you to guide the iconic character through an 8-bit labyrinth of thrills.
Uncover your IP address and pinpoint your current location on an interactive map with our IP Geolocation Lookup tool.
Discover a meticulously curated collection of interactive Google Easter eggs, hidden tricks, secret Doodle games, humorous jokes, playful pranks, clever hacks, and more on this uniquely inverted Google Search Results Page.
Experience Google in a whole new light with our energy-saving dark mode, designed to reduce eye strain and conserve power while maintaining the functionality you love.