Pull to unzip Google 👉

Google Zipper

Transform the Google logo into a massive Zipper, beckoning you to "unzip" it! This game commemorates the birthday of Gideon Sundback, the ingenious Swedish engineer behind the modern zipper in 1913. Google Zipper stands among the host of interactive Google Doodles that celebrate Google's inventive and lighthearted ethos.


What is Google Zipper?

The Google Zipper Easter egg, a clever addition to the Google homepage, debuted on April 24, 2012, in honor of Gideon Sundback. Visitors were greeted with a logo featuring a zipper that, when clicked, unraveled to display the search results.

This interactive zipper can be zipped and unzipped for a delightful user experience, one of the myriad of Easter eggs Google has crafted to amuse its audience.

Although no longer featured on the search engine, this page(https://elgoog.im/zipper/) resurrects the Google Zipper Easter egg, inviting users to relive the engaging pastime.

How can I access Google Zipper Easter egg?

The Google Zipper Easter egg, originally a one-day Google doodle, is not on the official search engine anymore. Yet, you can still enjoy it on websites like elgooG that have preserved it. Visit https://elgoog.im/zipper/ to experience the joy of unzipping Google.