Drag to unzip Google 👉

Google Zipper Doodle

Google logo becomes a giant Zipper, which allows you "unzip"! The game celebrates the birthday of Gideon Sundback, the Swedish engineer who invented the modern zipper in 1913. Google Zipper is one of the many interactive Google Doodles that showcase Google's playful and innovative spirit.


What is Google Zipper?

Google Zipper Easter egg is a hidden feature that Google added to its homepage on April 24, 2012, to celebrate the birthday of Gideon Sundback, the inventor of the zipper. When users visit Google.com on that day, they see a giant zipper running down the middle of the logo. If they click on it, the zipper unzips and reveals the search results page.

The zipper can be zipped and unzipped repeatedly, creating a fun and interactive experience for users. Google Zipper Easter egg is one of the many Easter eggs that Google has created over the years to surprise and delight its users.

However, Google Zipper was discontinued by Google and is no longer available on its search engine. Fortunately, this page(https://elgoog.im/zipper/) has restored the Google Zipper Easter egg, allowing users to once again enjoy this fun and interactive feature.

How can I access Google Zipper Easter egg?

Unfortunately, Google Zipper Easter egg is no longer available on Google's official search engine, as it was a temporary doodle that only lasted for one day. However, you can still play it online on some websites that have preserved or recreated it, such as elgooG (Google spelled backwards). To play Google Zipper Easter egg on elgooG, simply visit https://elgoog.im/zipper/ and enjoy unzipping Google.