Pull to unzip👉

Google Tilt, Google Askew

Curious to see the world from a slanted perspective? Give the Google Tilt/Askew trick a whirl and watch your search results lean and tilt. Join in on the amusement!



What is Google Zipper?

The Google Zipper Easter egg, a clever addition to the Google homepage, debuted on April 24, 2012, in honor of Gideon Sundback. Visitors were greeted with a logo featuring a zipper that, when clicked, unraveled to display the search results.

This interactive zipper can be zipped and unzipped for a delightful user experience, one of the myriad of Easter eggs Google has crafted to amuse its audience.

Although no longer featured on the search engine, this page(https://elgoog.im/zipper/) resurrects the Google Zipper Easter egg, inviting users to relive the engaging pastime.

How can I access Google Zipper Easter egg?

The Google Zipper Easter egg, originally a one-day Google doodle, is not on the official search engine anymore. Yet, you can still enjoy it on websites like elgooG that have preserved it. Visit https://elgoog.im/zipper/ to experience the joy of unzipping Google.