Google Matrix

Enter the Matrix through Google! This Google Easter egg injects the iconic Matrix digital rain effect into the familiar search homepage. Take the red pill and see how deep the Google rabbit hole goes. An epic mashup of search engine and science fiction.



What is Google Matrix?

Google Matrix is an interactive Easter egg that adds a cool code rain effect to the Google homepage, also like a dynamic wallpaper.

When you open the Google Matrix page, you will see the exact same Code Rain effect from the movie filling the entire screen. Thousands of glowing green characters are streaming downwards, denoting the raw code that makes up the virtual reality of the Matrix. Except now, you find this familiar effect taking over your usual doorway to the internet - the clean, white Google homepage has been hacked by the Matrix.

Overall, the Google Matrix Easter egg is a fantastic addition to the search engine's lineup of hidden surprises.

Apart from the regular Google Matrix, there is also a Google Matrix 3D version that provides a more immersive experience.