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We create, restore, and discover interactive Google Easter Eggs. Just click and play them online for free.

Official Google Easter Eggs ①

- Killed by Google, restored by elgooG

Official Google Easter Eggs ②

- Enhanced version, or hacked, more fun!

Unofficial Google Easter Eggs

- Be a real Google FAN!

Other Google Easter Eggs

- Legacy ones, to be fixed

About elgooG

Google’s Easter Egg is just one of a huge number of gaming-themed treats that are hidden in the search engine. But over time, many of them have become ineffective(not working), AKA "Killed by Google".

On @elgooG we restore, discover and also create interactive Google Easter Eggs - we provide one-stop exclusive Google Easter Eggs experience services, so you can explore and enjoy almost all the best interactive Google Easter Eggs(Up to 2022), secret Google Tricks, mini Google Doodle Games, funny Google Jokes, Google Pranks, Google Hacks, etc. Just play online, free for all!

We are NOT affiliated with Google in any way. Just for fun.