Google Black - Enhanced Dark Mode of Google

Enjoy the benefits of reduced eye strain and increased battery life while experiencing the satisfaction of seamless toggling between light and dark mode.



What is Google dark version?

Google dark version, also known as Dark Mode or Night Mode, is a feature that allows users to switch the color theme of their Google products and services from the default light background to a dark or black background. This feature was introduced to reduce the strain on users' eyes caused by the bright white background, especially during late-night browsing sessions.

The unofficial "Google dark version" on has been available since 2015. It offers a dark mode alternative for users who prefer a less bright background while browsing the web.

Google's official dark mode feature was also introduced to provide a similar option for its users, which has been highly anticipated for years. With the increasing awareness of the negative effects of blue light emitted from screens, Google's official rollout of dark mode for search on the web in September 2021 is a welcomed feature for many users.

How do I enable Dark Mode on Google?

The method to enable Dark Mode on Google varies depending on the product or service you are using. For example, on Google Search, you can enable Dark Mode by going to Settings > Search Settings > Appearance and selecting "Dark" as the theme. On YouTube, you can enable Dark Mode by clicking on your profile icon > Settings > Appearance and toggling on "Dark theme."

Does Dark Mode save battery?

Dark Mode can potentially save battery life on devices with OLED or AMOLED displays. This is because these types of displays do not require backlighting, so displaying dark colors can help conserve battery power. However, the amount of battery saved by using Dark Mode can vary depending on the device and the usage scenario.