Google Black - Enhanced Dark Mode of Google

Revel in the benefits of reduced eye strain and improved battery life, all while enjoying the ease of seamlessly switching between light and dark modes.



What is Google Dark Version?

Google Dark Version, often referred to as Dark Mode or Night Mode, is a setting that changes the color scheme of Google products and services from a light to a dark background. This mode is designed to minimize eye strain during late-night use and to conserve energy.

The alternative "Google Dark Version" at has been available since 2015, offering a dark-themed browsing experience for those who prefer it.

The official Google Dark Mode, eagerly awaited by many, was launched in September 2021, providing a similar dark theme option for Google Search on the web and acknowledging the impact of blue light from screens on our eyes.

How to enable Dark Mode on Google?

Enabling Dark Mode varies across Google services. On Google Search, navigate to Settings > Search Settings > Appearance and select "Dark" as your theme. On YouTube, click your profile icon > Settings > Appearance and switch on "Dark theme."

Does Dark Mode save battery life?

Dark Mode can help save battery life on devices with OLED or AMOLED screens, as these do not use backlighting, thus using less power to display darker colors. The actual battery savings will depend on the device and how you use it.