Play Google Guitar Online

Strum and record tunes with the online Google Guitar doodle. While Adobe Flash's discontinuation has affected its functionality, we're working on a fix.


What is Google Guitar?

The Google Guitar transforms the Google logo into an interactive guitar in tribute to Les Paul. He was a pioneering musician and inventor who changed the music industry with techniques like multitracking and tape delay, and by developing the electric guitar.

Strum the strings with your mouse or keyboard and record a 30-second piece, or play along with pre-set songs. The Google Guitar doodle is a testament to Google's history of creative and engaging doodles. Note: Due to Adobe Flash's end of life, the doodle experiences functionality issues.

How do you play Google Guitar?

Interact with the Google Guitar using your mouse or keyboard. With the mouse, click or drag to strum the strings. The keyboard allows you to play by pressing keys corresponding to the strings. Record your music and share it by using the record feature and sharing the link.

What songs can you play on Google Guitar?

Play any familiar tune on Google Guitar, from simple melodies to theme songs. Popular examples include Happy Birthday, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and the Star Wars Theme. Discover more by searching online or experimenting on your own.