Google Gravity

Experience the whimsical side of Google's homepage with Google Gravity. Discover this hidden gem among Google's Easter eggs. Watch the Google logo and search bar come alive, tumbling down as you interact with your mouse. Enjoy dragging and watching elements bounce around in a playful dance of gravity. It's a delightful demonstration of Google's penchant for creativity and surprises.



What is Google Gravity?

Created by Mr. Doob in 2009, Google Gravity is a playful twist on the Google search engine. It's a pure entertainment piece without practical functionality. In 2014, Google discontinued its Web Search API, which resulted in the original version of Google Gravity by Mr. Doob losing its full functionality. However, at elgooG, we have emulated this API, allowing you to fully enjoy the search effects.

Upon arrival, the Google homepage elements cascade down your screen, inviting interaction. Move and toss around the search bar, buttons, and text as they obey the laws of gravity.

How to engage with Google Gravity?

Simply search "Google Gravity" on Google, or head straight to elgooG's website to activate this Easter egg. Directly visit https://elgoog.im/gravity/ to begin the fun. Use your mouse to manipulate the page elements in freefall.

The essence of Google Gravity?

Google Gravity celebrates the lighter side of browsing, offering a fresh take on the Google interface. It's a fan-made homage, flaunting the capabilities of JavaScript and CSS, and paying tribute to Google's tradition of playful Easter eggs.