Space Invaders

Protect Google by engaging in this iconic arcade game online. FAQ
Use cursor keys orAS to move, Space to fire.

Space Invaders, the classic from 1978, used to captivate players on Atari.

Experience the nostalgia with Google Space Invaders, a delightful online version that transports you back to the thrill of halting an alien advance. Accessible and free, this game works across all browsers and devices supporting HTML5. Use your keyboard or touchscreen to maneuver your spaceship and blast away the invading forces. Aim for a new high score while enjoying the vintage visuals and sounds.


What is Google Space Invaders?

It's a hidden gem that offers a Google-inspired twist on the original Space Invaders game.

Take control of a spaceship using your cursor keys or mouse, and combat aliens adorned with the Google logo. Engage in various levels featuring unique backdrops and adversaries.

Google Space Invaders delivers a blend of fun and nostalgia, inviting you to defend our planet in a digital throwback.

How do I play the Google Space Invaders Easter egg?

Simply click to begin. Use the arrow keys or mouse to steer your spaceship, and the spacebar or mouse click to fire. Your mission: eliminate the alien horde before they land or shoot you down. You have three lives and can track your score in the top left corner.