The Real and Ultimate Google FAN

Think you're a Google fan? Here's where you meet one of the biggest Google fans!


What is Google FAN?

Google FAN is a quirky prank involving a colorful, Google-themed fan.

Closer inspection reveals three playful buttons: power, spin, and speed. Give in to curiosity, press them, and watch the fan whirl and alter speeds—a light-hearted homage to dedicated Google users.

Where do I find Google FAN?

Google FAN spins its magic not on, but on elgooG. Visit to join the fun.

Or simply search "Google FAN" on Google.

What's the "Crazy Mode" in Google FAN?

Typically, the fan obeys your button presses for speed and spinning.

Hit "I'm Feeling Crazy," and the fan goes haywire, spinning out of control with raucous energy. Embrace the chaos of Crazy Google FAN!