The Google Tetris Easter egg transforms the Google homepage into a giant Tetris screen. Immerse yourself in this amazing effect in full screen.
Discover a handpicked collection of interactive Google Easter eggs, hidden tricks, secret Doodle games, humorous jokes, playful pranks, clever hacks, and more on this uniquely inverted Google Search Results Page.
Bing™ Wallpaper Gallery - Provides Bing daily wallpaper images gallery for several countries.
In this Google Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Snap easter egg, watch as Thanos erases half of your Google search results with a snap of his fingers.
A rotated version of Bing Search Engine. Bing Backwards, Bing Reverse.
Experience Google's whimsical side with the Tilt/Askew trick! Discover what happens when Google lean and tilt for a delightful surprise.
Check your IP address and your current position on map, because I know that:)
Zerg Rush, a playable game created by Google, features small "o" characters that destroy search results if not clicked with the mouse.
Are you among the many Google fans? Meet a real Google FAN here, who might go a little crazy when you click the "I'm Feeling Crazy" button.