Google Matrix 3D

Step into Google's Matrix 3D! Immerse yourself in the digital rain effect straight from the Matrix movies, right on the search homepage. Choose the red pill and discover the depth of Google's rabbit hole in this fusion of search technology and sci-fi wonder.



What is Google Matrix 3D?

Google Matrix 3D is a captivating interactive Easter egg that overlays a stunning 3D code rain effect onto the Google homepage, akin to a live wallpaper.

Launching the Google Matrix 3D page propels you into the Matrix film universe. Your screen comes alive with the mesmerizing Code Rain effect, echoing the movie's legendary scenes. This Easter egg pays homage to the Matrix saga and its signature visual style.

The Code Rain not only enchants with its visual flair but also engulfs you in an immersive experience. You might just feel as if you're part of the Matrix, surrounded by the unfolding digital reality. The green characters cascade down, almost tangible, breathing life into your screen.