Google Matrix 3D

Enter the Matrix 3D through Google! This Google Easter egg injects the iconic Matrix 3D digital rain effect into the familiar search homepage. Take the red pill and see how deep the Google rabbit hole goes. An epic mashup of search engine and science fiction.



What is Google Matrix 3D?

Google Matrix 3D is an interactive Easter egg that adds a cool 3D code rain effect to the Google homepage.

When you open the Google Matrix 3D page, you are immediately transported to the world of the Matrix movie franchise. The entire screen is filled with a mesmerizing Code Rain effect, just like in the iconic scenes from the movies. This Easter egg is a nod to the Matrix universe and the unique visual language that has become synonymous with the series.

As you watch the Code Rain fall down your screen, you may feel like you are in the Matrix yourself, watching the digital world around you. The effect is not just a visual spectacle, but it also offers a sense of immersion that makes the experience feel more real. It's almost as if you can reach out and touch the cascading green characters, which seem to come to life right before your eyes.