Google Underwater Search

Launched as an April Fool's Day gag in 2012, Google's Underwater Search lets you float queries onscreen amid sea creatures. Toggle between scenes like coral reefs, shipwrecks, or a shark encounter. Engage with the underwater realm using your mouse and uncover hidden treats. It's a testament to Google's inventive spirit and playful approach.

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What is Google Underwater?

The Google Underwater Easter egg is a creative feature from Google, launched on April Fool's Day in 2012. It invites users to explore the ocean's depths with a unique gravity effect, as the Google logo and search box buoyantly float on the water's surface, with marine life swirling below. Clicking and dragging allow interaction with this aquatic tableau.

How can I access the Google Underwater Easter egg?

After Google phased out this Easter egg years ago, many users were left disappointed. Thankfully, elgoog.im resurrected Google Underwater, making it accessible for all to enjoy.

To dive into the Google Underwater Easter egg, search "Google Underwater Search" on Google and hit "I'm Feeling Lucky." You'll be redirected to Elgoog's website hosting the Easter egg. Or, visit https://elgoog.im/underwater/ directly for instant access.

Elgoog.im's revival of the Google Underwater Easter egg rekindles the fun and amusement it once brought on Google's search page. It's a nod to Google's inventive and whimsical spirit, celebrating the myriad of Easter eggs crafted over the years.