Zerg Rush, a playable game created by Google, features small "o" characters that destroy search results if not clicked with the mouse.
əๅɓoo⅁ - Experience Google as it turns upside down along with all its texts and images.
A rotated version of Bing Search Engine. Bing Backwards, Bing Reverse.
Ever thought of using Google to search and explore underwater space? Google Underwater Search is an amazing April Fools' Day joke, and now you can search under the sea!
Bing™ Wallpaper Gallery - Provides Bing daily wallpaper images gallery for several countries.
Google Terminal - Discover what Google would have looked like in the 1980s. Are you ready to use the Geek's way to visit Google?
Check your IP address and your current position on map, because I know that:)
Travel back to 1998 with Google in 1998, showcasing how Google looked when it first launched.
The Google Tetris Easter egg transforms the Google homepage into a giant Tetris screen. Immerse yourself in this amazing effect in full screen.