Dinosaur Game: Equestrian

Experience the Olympic Limited Edition of the Chrome T-rex game, which can even be "hacked".

Press the Space/(Arrow) key or Touch👆 the T-rex to jump.

Dino game. A pixelated dinosaur dodges cacti and pterodactyls as it runs across a desolate landscape. When you hear an audio cue, press space to jump over obstacles.


What's new in Chrome Dinosaur Game: Equestrian?

The "Chrome Dinosaur Game: Equestrian" (2020 Olympics Limited Edition) adds a dash of Olympic spirit to the familiar game. Players can now enjoy Olympic-themed backgrounds and collect mini-torches to partake in events like hurdle races, gymnastics, swimming, and surfboarding. Earning a gold medal for each hurdle crossed, the dinosaur becomes a part of the Olympic celebration. It's the ideal pastime while you're offline, waiting for the internet to kick back in.

Jump in and discover how far you can gallop!

What is the Chrome Dinosaur Game?

The Chrome Dinosaur Game is an engaging, built-in feature of the Google Chrome web browser designed to entertain users when they're offline.

You control a pixelated T-Rex needing to leap over cacti and duck under pterodactyls in a desert setting. The game's difficulty ramps up with faster speeds and new challenges. Although it doesn't end, you can aim to beat your highest score, stored on your device.

To play, type chrome://dino in your browser or press the spacebar on the "No internet" page. Alternatively, visit this page(https://elgoog.im/dinosaur-game/) to enjoy the game anytime.

How do I play the Chrome Dinosaur Game?

Follow these easy steps to enjoy the Chrome Dinosaur Game.

  1. Hit the space bar or the up arrow to get started.
  2. Use the up arrow or space bar to help the dinosaur hop over cacti and Pteranodons.
  3. Press the down arrow for ducking under the obstacles.
  4. The game picks up speed over time. If you collide with an obstacle, it's game over, and you start again.
What is the Bot Mode in the Chrome Dinosaur Game?

Bot Mode in the Chrome Dinosaur Game lets you play with an AI robot that automatically jumps and ducks.

You can turn on Bot Mode with a simple click while in-game. It's perfect for seeing how long the game can run without human input. Plus, with Bot Mode, reaching scores like 99,999 or even 999,999 becomes effortlessly achievable.